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Built with touring in mind for the DirectOut EXBOX.BLDS MADI Redundancy Switch.

Taking advantage of the EXBOX.BLDS's built-in GPIO D-Sub connectors, this unit is the perfect accessory for your redundancy switch.


  • Durable, world leading Cherry-MX key

  • Bright green & red state-indicator LEDs to easily identify state at a glance

  • Optional footswitch input

  • RJ45 (Ethernet) » DB9 GPIO breakout to
    seamlessly connect to the DirectOut 
    EXBOX.BLDS unit

  • RJ45 extension that allows the EXBOX.CTRL 
    unit to be placed any distance away from 
    your redundancy switch

  • Multiple units can be run in parallel for simultaneous, multi-station backup operation

  • Approx. 2.5x2in footprint

Design Considerations

Functionally, my goal was to design a tour-ready and practical accessory to the DirectOut EXBOX.BLDS MADI redundancy switch. A designed intimacy facilitates the easier, more visual switching of redundant playback rigs that employ the use of this gear.

I designed the PCB with manufacturability and durability in mind, making use of SMD components wherever possible to minimize its footprint. To ensure adequate failure management and flexibility, I programmed custom software on an embedded ATTiny85 chip.

Aesthetically, my goal was to maintain a similar sleek appearance to the product it is meant to accessorize. The unit features a laser cut black acrylic case. The top and bottom layers are translucent while the support layers are opaque. This is to allow the red and green state LEDs to pass through when the unit is powered on while maintaining a solid feel.

The blue ground effect is just icing on the cake.